A Touch Of 1989 For The Pandemic/Plandemic/Scamdemic Year...

  Well, we never thought we'd see it, but all those dystopian future TV series and films of years gone by may be coming true. Microchips in your hand? A pandemic with a less than 1% death rate which justifies shutting everybody in and threatening them with a mandatory vaccine - largely at the behest of a familiar figure from the 1980s - no, not a doctor - Mr Bill Gates.

The mainstream media ignoring many highly qualified dissenting voices to spread 24-hour doom and despondency amongst the sheeple, sorry I mean people? 'Contact tracing' - for your own safety, of course? And livelihoods disappearing like morning mist, while the likes of Prince Charles (he of the 1980s monstrous carbunkle) tout a 'reset' based on a very 'Woke' indeed mentality - and, at the back of it, heaps of dosh for the 1% of course.

A YouTuber has taken one of the last great songs produced in the 1980s - Enjoy The Silence by the so-good-it's-painful Depeche Mode - and brought it into the present. The original song was recorded in 1989 and released in February 1990. Note the references to the 1988 film They Live in the video.

We don't very often stray out of the 1980s, but we thought it would make a change - and it's certainly justified under the current circumstances. Hope you enjoy the video. And maybe a little peep beyond the mainstream narrative, if you're not already taking one, might be a good idea? The worst thing that can happen is that you'll be called a 'conspiracy theorist' and 'cancelled' by the sheeple. And if you don't question? If you ignore the fact that something smells mightily of fish (and no, it's not an old box of Lean Cuisine Cod Mornay)? Well, good luck. And if you're simply unaware of the fact and won't accept any nudgings? Well, good luck again. 

The 1980s now seem even longer ago than they actually are. The world we knew seems much longer ago than the start of 2020. And it's not coming back, unless we stand up for it. And all for a virus with a less than 1% death rate. The resulting carnage caused by 'Lockdowns', unemployment, delayed diagnosis of other illnesses, and poverty will be much, much higher. Does that make sense to you? 

If you turn off Sky News, the BBC and ITV News and do a little independent research for a day, you may be surprised by what you discover. If you do, please do it properly - form your own opinions and do not be guided by the likes of Snopes. Please look beyond well-qualified people being smeared as 'conspiracy theorists' by the heritage media and online mobs to hear what these people are actually saying. Sure, there are loopy doops out there, but anybody with two brain cells to rub together can sort the grain from the chaff. Good grief - independent thought! Those were the days! We did it all the time back in the 1980s... xxx

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