1981 - A Hoover Called Henry...

1981 was an eventful year - the riots, the Rubik's, the Royal Wedding, the New Romantics, the recession, Only Fools And Horses, the launch of the Space Shuttle, the CB radio craze, the first London Marathon... and Henry the vacuum cleaner. Ever had a Henry? They were created by a company called Numatic International in 1981 and have since become a friendly and familiar companion to jolly up the naff task of hovering. Henry has developed a family - including George, Charles and Hetty - and is still going strong today.

Hats off to Henry. A hoover with a smiling face was certainly a novel idea and, as we love a bit of whimsy, we adore it.

Here's the lovely Hetty. We think she's Henry's sister.

These days you can even get a mini-Henry for hoovering your desktop - which, judging by the amount of muck in our keyboard, is a great idea. We didn't have Henry desktop hoovers in 1981. But we didn't have desktops either.


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    1. Yes, they're great. A hoover that smiles at you... genius idea! Trust the '80s!