A Test For Andrew....

Catherine has written and hopes to stump me... 

On the subject of 1980s screen entertainments, if I was to name a few characters from a particular TV show, could you come up with the show's title without Googling or similar? Try these - they all appeared in a television show of the '80s: Timothy, Frank, Muriel, Kevin, Dulcie Barrable. Remember, no checking elsewhere. I'll have to trust you! 

You can, Catherine, you can! It's Sorry! the BBC sitcom that ran from 1981-1988 and starred the brilliant Ronnie Corbett as put-upon mother's boy Timothy Lumsden, Barbara Lott as the rather scary Mrs Lumsden, and William Moore as bumbling dad Mr Lumsden ("Language, Timothy!"). The Frank you mention was Frank Baker, Timothy's best friend, Muriel was Timothy's sister, Kevin his brother-in-law, and Dulcie Barrable was a friend of Mrs Lumsden. Mrs B had a cat called Floosie. 

I well remember Mrs Lumsden cutting Timothy's porridge into soldiers for him...

And that dreadful time Tim jumped in the river in the dead of night so that he could phone his mother!

Wonderful series. I must give it the '80s Actual treatment - been meaning to for ages! Thanks for writing.


  1. Catherine TurnerApril 16, 2013

    I thought I might catch you out because the most distinctive name was "Dulcie Barrable" - and that character only appeared as a bit part in four episodes spread out towards the end of the run. I hope you do give this a blogging and Chance In A Million as well.

    1. Dulcie Barrable... what a great name for a sitcom character! I remember Frank, Muriel and Kevin too - even the supporting characters and cast were fabulous. Frank was "Mr Average" I remember, as opposed to Timothy being "Mr (albeit unwilling) Mummy's Boy"! I will cover Chance In a Million too given time. I don't have enough. The '80s is full of items of fascination. I've been running this blog since 2005 and I still haven't touched on the vast majority.