1983: Yellow Pages TV Ad: "I Were Right About That Saddle Though!"

This fondly remembered ad from 1983 was part of the "Good Old Yellow Pages" series which also launched JR Hartley of Fly Fishing fame the same year. In this, Peter Armitage, soon to make his debut as Bill Webster, father of Kevin (Michael Le Vell) in Coronation Street, plays a nice Northern Dad who, together with his nice Northern wife, buys his son a bike for his birthday - despite having some doubts about the saddle...


  1. 1983?! Blimey, I remember it so vividly, it really doesn't seem that old. Mind you I'd hazard a guess it ran for quite some time, some adverts did get a life of their own if they were especially popular....

  2. Yes, the Shake N' Vac ad was screened (intermittently) from 1980 to 1989. The JR Hartley series of ads, begun in 1983, ran into the 1990s!

  3. The Scotch Skeleton ads debuted in 1983 and were still running in the early 1990s, too.