Listen To Sheila Tracy And A May 1981 Truckers' Hour...

The Sun, March 17, 1981 - Sheila Tracy was riding high on the early 1980s CB radio craze.

Many thanks to Andy Walmsley, who e-mailed me recently with an internet link to an instalment of the legendary Sheila Tracy's Truckers' Hour. This was actually the first nightly edition, broadcast in May 1981, on BBC Radio 2.

Thank you so much, Andy! The memories came flooding back. It was so nice to hear this after all those years... and yet it doesn't really seem that long ago!

Sheila's report from Jarrell's Truck Plaza, USA, makes fascinating listening.

And were you one of the UK truckers keeping a wary eye out for Smokey in May 1981? Did you ever get a mention on the Truckers' Hour?

The news bulletin after the Truckers' Hour, and the brief blast of Abba's 1980 hit Super Trouper heightens the nostalgic element.

Listen to it below and then relive more '80s CB memories via our main CB radio article here.


  1. Wonderful. I was transported back to a different time and place. It seems hard to return to 2011.

  2. Great stuff - and a terrific surprise to also hear John Anderson and his fondly recalled 1981 ditty "Chicken Truck". Happy days!

  3. It's very funny and catchy! I had it going round and round in my head for ten days! :)

  4. I always looked forward to hearing Sheila and the Truckers' Hour. It was a real high spot of working the night shift.

  5. Good to hear the mention of Jarrell's Truck Plaza. American truckers' DJ Big John Trimble broadcast a radio show from there in the 1980s.

  6. Oh, nostalgia! It made me cry!

  7. Michael PhillipsJanuary 04, 2014

    Although not a trucker I used to love this programme ( and Sheila ! )whenIi listened to the radio during the night. Was very sorry when it was pulled . Perhaps it was too much for Sheila .
    Michael Phillips - Notitngham