Albion Market - A Request...

Albion Market - gone but not forgotten...

Barry has written:

I love the way '80s Actual covers obscure as well as famous pop culture from the decade. I note you have included some original press release photographs of the mid-'80s Granada soap Albion Market in your posts on the subject, and wonder if you would kindly upload a few more to stir up some more memories for me? I rather liked this programme. My wife and I were brand new parents when Albion Market started, and were taking life as quietly as possible, and Albion Market suited us because it wasn't as loud and brash as EastEnders. Keep up the good work!

Happy days, eh, Barry? There's a few more Albion Market images below. Hope it takes you back. Adjusting to parenthood is truly a magical (and absolutely exhausting!) experience.

Albion Market moments, left to right, top: Peggy Sagar (Paula Jacobs) pours a nice cuppa at the market cafe; Sita and Sushma Sharma (Seeta Indrani and Jamila Massey) are worried about Jaz - facing a court trial for a crime he didn't commit; Morris and Miriam Ransome (Bernard Spear and Carol Kaye) run the crockery stall and enjoy a cuppa.

Bottom row (left to right): Carol Broadbent (Barbara Wilshere) and Geoff Travis (Geoffrey Leesley) discover that Morris's cousin Joe (David Miller) tells tall tales; Larry and Brenda Rigg (Peter Benson and Valerie Lilley) celebrate their wedding on the market; and cousins
Ly Nhu Chan (Pik-Sen Lim) and Lam Quoc Hoa (Philip Tan) face many challenges as they settle down to market life - not least Hoa's gambling problem and Chan's love for the married market superintendent...

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  1. Nice soap. I was particularly fond of Carol Broadbent (Barbara Wilshere), an '80s hair disaster, who worked at the cafe.