Ted Moult And The 1980s Everest Double Glazing Ads ...

Before the 1980s, I never even dreamt of having double glazed windows. My bedroom window was an old wooden sash, ice formed on the inside when it was cold, and if it was windy it rattled all night long.

In the 1980s, double glazing started coming into the lives of people like me - lowly members of the common herd - and one of the TV, newspaper and magazine ad series which most attracted my attention was the one for Everest Double Glazing. The ads, which spanned the early to mid 1980s, featured Derbyshire farmer Ted Moult - the man credited for coming up with the concept of "pick your own strawberries".

A popular media figure since the 1960s, in November 1982, Mr Moult began distinguishing himself further as a contributor to the first programme ever shown on Channel 4 - Countdown.

Remember the '80s Everest ad at the top of this post, with Ted visiting the Tan Hill Inn, England's highest inn? And the feather routine? Not even a hint of a draught, was there?

Etched on the memory is it not? Along with that catchphrase: "You only fit double glazing once. So fit the best - Everest."

The ads convinced many of us that for sound insulation and draught proofing, double glazing was a must. How had we ever survived without it?

I must admit, thinking back on the icy cold bedroom of my youth, I do sometimes wonder, without even a hint of irony!

Some 1984 TV Times magazine ads - including an ad for Everest double glazing featuring Ted Moult. The ads spanned the early-to-mid 1980s.

Andy's footnote...

Suffering from depression, Ted Moult committed suicide in 1986.


  1. The ads began circa 1982 or 1983. I remember them very fondly.

  2. I remember a double glazing advert from around 1985/1986 where a couple were driving along in a car. The lady was yapping and the man, who was driving pulled up and spoke to a double glazing sales man, who quickly fitted a double glazed box around the woman's head. Too funny!

  3. The 80's had the best quality kids TV, Thundercats, He-Man, Cities of Gold, Trap Door, Ulysees 31, Starfleet ... the list is endless!

  4. I agree - here's some to add to your list - Dangermouse, Duckula, Willo The Wisp, Henry's Cat, Behind The Bike Sheds, Number 73, Maggie, T-Bag, Trevor and Simon, golden era Grange Hill, The Riddlers...