"Naff Orf!" Says Anne - The People's Princess...

Princess Anne - "Naff off!" (well, she actually said, "Naff ORF!"), The Sun, April 1982.

The early-to mid 1980s were an eventful time for the Royals, with the Queen Mother reaching 80, that frightening incident at the Trooping of the Colour, Charles and Di mania and marriage (more here), the arrival of Wills and Harry, the man in the Queen's bedroom (more here) and Anne, the "People's Princess", shouting abuse at journalists...

"Naff ORF"?! Somehow, despite their education and status, members of the Royal family seem to have something of a problem with English pronunciation. And was it really "on" for Anne to get so frightfully cross?

Still, despite the odd off moment, it seemed that Princess Anne was actually very good value for money back in the 1980s...

All that smiling. Absolutely exhausting.

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