The Sun Page 7 Fella

A Sun newspaper "Page 7 Fella" from February 1985.

Note the 1980s bouffant mullet hairdo!

The Sun Page 7 Fella caused a stir when he arrived in the early 1980s.

Was this equality at last?

No! said some - a male torso was in no way as revealing as a woman's breasts - many of which were to be seen on Page 3 over the years.

By 1988, the Sun had its own women's section - Sun Woman - and so at last there was a male Page 3, rather than a page 7. This particular "fella" dates from September '88. But, as some complained, it wasn't really equality. A male torso was in no way as revealing as a woman's breasts.


  1. the two male models are page7 mick peak and the page 3 is edan holt both from skegness and still live there both spotted on holiday abroad. both were in the 1989 sun calendar

  2. Eden Holt - what a hunk!

  3. Wow, Page 7 Fellas!, I used to have to wait for them to go in the bin & then retrieve them afterwards. So many crushes I had on those guys!

  4. Such great fun saw them at the assembly hall in tunbridge wells and crooned over them in the bar afterwards! Stood in Q for ages to have a photo taken!

  5. Does anybody know when the picture of snooker player Tony Knowles was published for P7F?